Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Lately kids have been kicking my butt.

TJ has 40 pages left in book 3 of the Harry Potter series. Dude reads me under the table.

I've also been reading this book:

While reading this morning Peterson recalls going to Israel to a synaogogue to watch and listen as children read the Torah early in the morning. He says it was actually children pretending to read, because they had all 5 books of the Torah memorized. Genesis through Deuteronomy. I've read before that this was a tradition of the first century jews.... but I just didn't realize it still continued on. I've been trying for weeks to memorize Psalm 1. Today... I was told by a child in another country through the pages of an American Author to get my butt in gear.

These kids these days are taking me to school. I gotta get a move on.



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