Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Tonight I'm up for reasons I won't go into... but to kill the time, I'm going back through my long ignored list of bloglines. As a pattern, there are some blogs I read weekly, but some just get stuck in my blog roll for a once a month visit or something. These are mostly some of the more technical or theological blogs that I'm interested in the subject of, but that I don't share a personal relationship with the author.

One of those is the Emergent Village blog.

Well tonight I noticed a post for an Easter Message via song from Brian Mclaren on that blog and I braced myself before hitting play on the embeded video.. cuz for various reasons, there always seems to be hype and controversy surrounding Brian Mclaren- and I assumed this would be provocative too. I expected it to be some sort of music montage with a message of him speaking or something.

I was wrong on both counts. I can't imagine one Christ-follower who could honestly have anything but praise for him in this song he wrote about the life of Jesus and the message of Easter. Ok... I have one rant. "Can every pastor in the world play a guitar and sing except me!?!?" Ok.. rant over.

Here's evidence that Brian McLaren has musical talent too.



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