Friday, June 12, 2009


Today was the annual "Dad's n Donuts" at our local elementary school.  I think they want us all fat and slow.  But, my kids showed up at my bedside this morning at 6:45 to tell me we need to go NOW!

So today I went with all 5 kids.  TJ bummed a ride for a free donut and Becky and Billy didn't miss out either, even though it's really only where Tyler and Jake are attending right now.

The event is 600 donuts, hot chocolate, starbucks coffee, and OJ.

Great way to start out the day :)

I asked Billy:  "Billy, today is dad's n donuts.  Which is better, Dad's or donuts?"

Billy said: "Daddy".

I said, "That's right.  Your donut is gone, but your Daddy is still here." 

As I looked around, I wondered how many kids at this school don't come to Dad's n Donuts cuz Dad is no where to be found.  I was both blessed by the presence of the Dad's that are there and mourning for the kids who would come for donuts in search of a Dad.

Here's Billy sporting his new shades he scored yesterday with some birthday money!  Ha... so fun.



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