Thursday, October 09, 2008


Tyler: "Dad, can I eat a plum with dinner?"

Me: "Sure".

Tyler (midway through dinner): "Dad, I don't want this peach, it tastes weird."

Me: "It's not a peach, it's a plum, and eat it. You asked to have it, so you're going to finish it."

Tyler: looks at me like I just told him to eat brussel sprouts, starts eating, screams and drops the plum.

Me: "What is your problem?"

Tyler: "There's a worm in it."

Me: "Let me see that... yep. Sure enough, that's some kinda larva worm."

Gross. Evidently the kid was right. It probably did taste nasty.

Me: "Good news Tyler: It's still whole."

I should trust Tyler more. The last 2 times I've poured sour milk into cereal without watching, he was the first one to notice something was wrong. Jake- the skinny little runt of our family- just straight pounds it. Maybe Tyler will be some kind of food judge one day.



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