Monday, January 18, 2010


On my way up to speaking at a winter retreat, our carpool past this sign off the 15 in Mesquite Nevada, just before the AZ border.

I laughed for like 10 miles.

This photo is crying out for a caption.  Here's mine:

"You can buy a burger for a buck, but it'll cost you two if you wanna give it back."

What's yours?


Daniel Merk-Benitez,  4:57 PM  

You've got to submit this to Fail Blog!

brian c. berry 7:46 PM  

I don't think I know anything about fail blog, but I sent it to David Letterman :)

Danny Bowers 6:15 PM  

Same toilets at the 4 Seasons....just a cheaper experience.

What happens in the bathroom stays off the FDA report


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