Monday, August 03, 2009


TJ AND TYLER: "Dad, can we have a sleep over with Wyatt and Garrett in the fort?"

ME: "Sure."

30 seconds later....

BILLY: "Dad, we are going to sleep outside?"

ME:  "TJ and Tyler are sleeping outside.  You can sleep in their loft with Jake though".

BILLY: "OK. (takes off running)"

30 seconds later....

BECKY: "Dad, can I sleep outside?"

ME: "No, but you can ask Molly if she wants to come sleep with you in your bed."

BECKY: "OK... takes off running."

30 seconds later....

JAKE: "Dad, TJ and Tyler are having friends over and Becky is having a friend over and we don't get to... all Billy and I get to do is sleep in TJ's and Tyler's bed.  I don't want to sleep in their bed. Why can't we have a friend?"

ME: "Um, ok... let me call Ricky and Joey and see if they want to come"

30 seconds later....

ME: "Jake, their mom said yes.  Go out in the street and wait for them to come up."

5 minutes later after I come to my senses....

ME:  "What did I just do?  We now have EVERY kid from our street spending the night in our house and our 5 kids just literally doubled.  I must be crazy!"

So 10 kids played Wii while I popped popcorn, then 6 little ones stayed inside and watched a movie and eat popcorn and popsicles while the 4 older ones went into the fort to watch a movie on the portable dvd player, eat popcorn, and plot how to take over the world.



Angela Yee 1:58 PM  

That is sooo cool! Some day when your kids are teens, all their friends will want to hang out at your house instead of the other way around! :-)


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