Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ok... so I went to this "worship concert" thing with Hillsong at a church in San Diego.

I was looking forward to going.  I was looking forward to singing with a lot of people and some very gifted musicians.  Maybe I'm a pagan, but I was also looking forward to testing my new camera that came in the mail that day in a low light indoor situation.

But, before I could get in, I had to have my bag checked- by the bouncer guy. This church doesn't have ushers, they have bouncers... or at least the 3 times I've been there, they always have bouncers.

I know because welcome people say, "Glad you're here.  Welcome to our church.  Thanks for coming.  Let's worship God together tonight" ... and stuff like that.

Bouncers don't even smile before they say, "I'm gonna check your bag."  Then this time they stapled a sign to my bag saying it's too big and for everyone's safety, it's against policy for me to bring this bag. 

Bouncers say, "You can't take pictures in there."

I said, "um, ok."

Bouncers then say, "If you do, we're going to kick you out."

I really bad wanted to say, "I love Jesus too.  Let's worship him together."  I mean this is a "worship thing" where everyone paid $25 a pop to sing to God.  Are you kidding me?   I really wanted them to kick me out of church for taking pictures of people singing to God without a flash.  I would have taken their picture when they did it too :)

So, I didn't get kicked out... but here's 2 of my illegal pics.  Don't copy them. You'll probably go to jesus jail.


Todd 11:17 AM  

haha...Jesus jail! Hilarious!


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