Monday, July 14, 2008


Well, we all arrived on African soil just fine and ALL our bags got here too. 47 bags arriving on time and to an airport in Uganda I've been told is a miracle. So praise God. Thanks for praying.

Our team is here now in Kampala. We're taking in the food and culture and trying desperately to get our bodies on the right timezone. Good thing we had nothing planned for today except rest and eating... cuz we're like the walking dead. All of us.

It's 8pm here and we're all in bed. I'm going to bed now too.

I'll post pics from today tommorrow morning before we head to Jinja to start work with the Orphanage.


Linda Brangwynne,  8:42 PM  

Yup, I'm feeling better about this mission trip with every blog post. My teen is a walking zombie that's using a tampon toothbrush! We better start praying more back here in the US, and fast.

brian c. berry 8:51 PM  

you can only hope he uses his toothbrush.


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