Monday, April 23, 2007


Well, being the youngest of 3 boys has it's set backs. Jake has seen me go to all his brothers field trips, so he was super excited that I was coming with him today to finally go on one with him. His pre-school went to the San Diego Zoo today.

But that's only the start of "Jake Week". On Thursday I'm flying to Northern California to help a friend build a massive "tree house/guest room" with a rope bridge from the house to a "deck" with french doors and a roof and everything, way up in their tree. It's going to be tons of fun.

But, after talking it over with Shannon, at the last minute I decided to take Jake with me. So, he and I will get some "first time on a plane flight" bonding in. Then he's spending Thursday with Grandma Cheryl, Friday with Papa Ken, and Saturday with Grandma Karen. He'll spend the nights/evenings with me. He's SOOO excited. He gets to go and his brothers do not. He thinks he's KING!

Fun Times. Here's a picture collage of our trip to the zoo today.



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