Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Hey ministry friends.  Are you going to be at Simply Youth Ministry Conference this weekend?  If so, I just got my official teaching and panel discussion schedule from the conference queen bee.  Here's the scoop on me if you wanna run into me intentionally.  I'd love to see you.

If not, and you happen to be the praying sort.... here's when you could spend some time praying for me and I'd be ever grateful.

If you wanna create your own custom schedule thingy for your time, they have a gizzmo to do that on the web here.

Friday 3.4

10-11:00 pm
Participate as a panelist on the Peer Panel:
Addicted to Ministry: Shifting Your Focus From “Doing” to “Being”-Moderated by Dave Rahn (room: LAX)

Saturday 3.5

Participate as a panelist on the Peer Panel:
Youth Ministry on the Horizon: Exploring the Future of Youth Ministry, Culture and the Church—moderated by Walt Mueller (Room: Rosemont C)

Training Zone 2:  I lead a workshop called:
Moving from Leadership to Ownership: Creating a Student-Owned Ministry (Room: Lambert)

Sunday 3.6

Training Zone 3:  I lead a workshop called:
You Suck! Enduring, Learning From and Responding to Criticism and Conflict (Room: Vienna)

12:30-7:00pm  I'm taking my wife to Downtown Chicago for fun.  Shhhhh! Don't tell anybody.

Participate as a panelist on the Peer Panel:
#Epic Fail: Lessons I Learned from Messing Up in Ministry (room DFW) [or you could just come to my seminar at 10:30 this day and learn them first hand from me :)]

Monday 3.7

9-10:00 am
Participate as a panelist on the Peer Panel:
Innovative Ideas for Engaging Family & Parents in Youth Ministry—(room Vienna)


Rich Frazer 8:45 AM  

This is awesome, Brian! It obvious YM leaders value your life, leadership and innovation.

This is all great prep for your worldwide Youth Ministry training!

All the best,


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