Monday, July 12, 2010


Shannon and I have gotten away twice a year since we have been married. Once around November for her birthday and once around June for our anniversary. Really, these are some of our best memories as a couple. This year was no different, and thanks to a whole slew of people who took on a kid or two, we managed to escape for 3 days to celebrate our 16th anniversary.

We stopped by the county fair on our way out of town and bought some fattening grub and some small miracle product- cuz if you don't- it's not really the fair.

Then this year, we hit up another new hotel we'd never been to in Newport Beach. I picked it because it was part of the "four sisters" hotel group. I think it might be on my bucket list to go to all their locations. We simply LOVE their spaces.

In Newport Beach... I went for a run on the beach. Shannon got her nails done. We ate sushi. Shannon took a bubble bath that maybe had a solid 12" of bubbles completely covering the tub; it was comical. All I heard was "oh my" and turned around to see my wife disappear in a wall of white bubbles that made my childhood bubble baths look like... well... child's play. Her learning: "maybe just half the bottle next time" :) We went to a really expensive dinner. We read some. We watched a few sunsets. We went for a bike ride down the boardwalk. We watched the Ghana/U.S. match in our room and hotel lobby. We had a great time.

Here's some pics of our 3 day date.


adam mclane 3:21 PM  

Congrats on 16 years. That's definitely worth celebrating. And... I'm so happy you are back to blogging.


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