Sunday, March 22, 2009


Evidently this is at least one of the themes of this years "reality television" craze.

Dancing with the Stars has one of Hugh Hefner's "number one girls", Holly Madison, who is thus "famous" cover girl whose bio on their website says she also directed, produced, and edited layouts for the magazines photo spreads. She was evidently the number one runner up for the show who stepped in when musician "Jewel" got injured and had to withdraw.

The Celebrity Apprentice has Brande Roderick who has also "dated Hugh Hefner", had her own cover days, and who they have tagged the screen each time she shows up with "playboy playmate" and a business woman based on her sexually charged business entities.

I guess porn really does pay. I guess the media thinks I should teach my high school students that Playboy Playmate is a viable career option that will make you "famous". Or maybe the producers don't care and are just trying to get rich and could give a rip what the message is they send.

Today I talked in Encounter about stuff God hates. I'm gonna go on record and say the exploitation of women for sexual pleasure and financially gain is on the list- consenting adults or not. God hates it and we love it. That's a problem.


Danny Bowers 10:18 PM  

preach it brian!!

Becky 7:29 AM  

Thanks Brian,
I couldn't agree more.

Vanessa,  11:39 AM  

Yes, I too couldn't agree more. It's sad that we as parents have to spend so much time undoing the stuff that the world feeds into the minds of our kids.

Summer 7:30 PM  

I totally agree! maybe this should be a 5 week series. *hint hint*

i actually have been talking with my friends and have been doing some soul searching on this very topic. like... seeing how far this world has strayed from being modest and God loving with women's bodies, and how a woman's body is for her husband, not for the public.


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