Thursday, August 04, 2005


I am now an official G2 convert. Dusty and Max will be proud. I used to be faithful to the Uniball Vision, but I have now officially skipped ranks and become a G2 follower. I will continue to use my Uniball Visions till they are dead, but all new funds are now being devoted to what I have found is a higher class of G2. Why you ask? Well here's a few reasons. The retractable pen of the G2 requires no cap to avoid loosing, the ink flows rather nicely, and they dont' explode on airplanes- something too many Uniball Visions have caused great leakage pain in my life. Long live the G2.


Max Critchfield 2:08 PM  

that's what I like to hear. Happy writing, dude.

alexa 9:42 PM  

wow brian.
that's preeety cool.... ya big dork :)

brian c. berry 11:57 PM  

Alexa... please notice my brief bio. I believe knucklehead was the word you were looking for. I'll send you a G2 in the mail. I promise it'll be preeety cool. :)


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